X-Ray Equipment



The DC-3 system delivers High Frequency power at an attractive price. Powered by a HF-30 generator, the operator can quickly set x-ray technique factors with the HF-30’s two-point operation. The HF-30 is a full 30 kW rated generator using 20 kHz technology. Complemented by a rugged tubestand and wallstand the DC-3 system is an oustanding value.


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TXR offers one of the most affordable upright systems that incorporates safety, reliability, value, quality and ease of use. The TXR CH1 system includes features that will increase patient thru-put and minimize the time needed for exams. Experience the TXR difference with standard features that other manufacturers option.


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VertEx by TXR

The VertEx is one of the most affordable digital or film/CR solutions that adapts to the practices that want affordability, versatility and reliability to perform routine upright and extremity imaging. The combination of a variable tube stand and tilting wall stand delivers the flexibility to accomplish a wide variety of upright and extremity views. Experience high throughput and low cost of ownership with VertEx by TXR


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    VertEx VertEx 12-26-12