Veterinary Dental Equipment


Image Vet DC- Wall Mounted or Mobile Unit
ImageWorks Veterinary DC technology represents the latest generation in the series of image-Vet X-Rays. Featuring intuitive, easy to use veterinary specific software, image-Vet DC sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography.
Image Vet DC features:
  • Unique DCR wireless remote can take exposures at a distance with features that combine the best parts of anatomical and manual programming. 
  • Seamlessly compatible with the EVA Vet Digital Dental imaging system
  • Appropriate selections of kV and mA are automatically determined by tooth selection and patient size.
  • Lightweight DC tube head and 12″ internal collimation provides stable positioning and x-rays with superior image quality.
  • Uninterrupted use during multiple exposures is possible due to a “Dynamic Duty Cycle” that controls tube head heat making the DC superior in both functionality and safety.
  • Outstanding image quality by means of a 12″ embedded collimation and constant potential high frequency generator. Low-energy “soft” radiation (which is non-diagnostic) is virtually eliminated.



Image-Vet DC Wall Mount and Remote 

SuperVista Intraoral Camera

Take dental diagnostics to the next level with ImageWorks Veterinary’s SuperVista intraoral camera with superior image quality! This easy-to-use imaging tool has the convenience of an intraoral camera that integrates seamlessly with the EVA-Vet Digital Dental Imaging System and ViewAll Acquisition software, the SuperVista has fast USB 2.0 connectivity and does not require external power supplies or proprietary capture cards!



SuperVista Camera_Two Tone (RGB_16)

ImageWorks Veterinary EVA Classic #2 DIGITAL

EVA is the digital x-ray system that delivers big value. Backed by the proven reliability of thousands of installations ranging from single chair clinics to 35 office dental chains, EVA offers a rugged sensor design in the industry’s classic style.



 EVA Vet

ViewAll 3.2 DICOM Acqisition Software

ViewAll is a unified software application, suitable for acquiring and viewing dental images. Meeting the Veterinary DICOM 3.0 standard, ViewAll has a tabbed interface for easy navigation. ViewAll is the solution for veterinary users who want the ease of one software platform for veterinary digital dental. ViewAll is currently available with the EVA Vet Digital Dental Sensor, or as an independent software platform.


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