The FCR PRIMA T2 is a table-top reader unit which boast a world-class processing speed of 73 IPs/hour. In the high speed mode (5 pixels/mm), throughput is enhanced almost 70% compared with FCR PRIMA T (onlly for IPs of 14″  17″ and 14″  14″). As with all Fujifilm equipment FCR PRIMA T2 is easy to operate. It will help reduce patient waiting time and greatly increase the efficiency of examination workflow.Specifications:

  • Standard Componets: FCR PRIMA T2 Image Reader (Model: CR-IR 392)
  • Applicable Console: FCR PRIMA Console, FCRView, CR Console, Console Advance
  • Main Connectable Imagers: DRYPIX PRIMA/Smart/Lite/Plus/4000
  • Time Required for IP Feed/Load: Min. 49 Sec.
  • Processing Capacity: Up to 73 IPs/hr.
  • Reading Specification: 10 pixels/mm, 5 pixels/mm
  • Time to Start on Display: Min. 33 sec.
  • Time to Print on DRYPIX PRIMA: Approx. 165 sec.
  • Number of Stacker: 1
  • Network: 10 Base T/100 Base TX
  • Dimensions(W D H): 560, 540, 392mm(22″, 21″, 15″)
  • Weight: 39 kg(86 lbs.)
  • Power Supply Conditions: Single phase 50-60 Hz. AC 120-240 V±10% 1.9 A (max)
  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature: 15-30 °C, Humidity: 15-80% RH (No dew condensation), Atmospheric pressure: 750-1060 hPa


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fuji prima t2