Veterinary X-Ray Equipment



The InnoVet Select is the most popular X-ray system in the InnoVet line. Why? Because it’s designed by veterinarians for veterinarians. After asking Vets what they wanted most out of a radiography unit, the InnoVet Select was designed with all the “thoughtful” features veterinarians had mind. If you’re looking for a customizable unit that is designed to fit your needs, ask for the InnoVet Select!



The InnoVet Classic is ideal for the budget-minded and/or floor space restricted facility. Since 1995, the InnoVet Classic has been the #1 selling veterinarian x-ray machine in the U.S. The Classic features a full-size table top, a tilt-out control, and a 300 mA/ 125 kVp generator all packaged in the industry’s smallest floor space requirement of 28″ x 53″.



For a wide range of animals SEDECAL offers a full variable Focal Digital Distance tube-stand, which may be coupled with either the stretcher table or 4-way table.

X-Ray Equipment


The VetRay range of High-Frequency Systems are built to full quality standards, and totally compliant with CE directives and IEC safety standards – uniquely in the world. The product range includes full systems, both 4-way floating tables, and stretcher tables, combined with the technology of one of the world’s highest-performance high-frequency generator, with a range of facilities usually unavailable.

X-Ray Equipment

ImageWorks Veterinary EVA Classic #2 DIGITAL

EVA is the digital x-ray system that delivers big value. Backed by the proven reliability of thousands of installations ranging from single chair clinics to 35 office dental chains, EVA offers a rugged sensor design in the industry’s classic style.

Image-Vet DC Wall Mount and Remote

JPI 9020 HF Equine Portable

Lighter and more powerful than almost any other equine unit held generator is small enough to be held and positioned easily yet strong enough for even the most difficult stifle and spine exposures. The 9020HF comes digital-ready, with both our standard heavy duty hand switch and an RJ-11 cord socket for interfacing with digital detectors.

JPI portable pic